MufiZ Jade Upgrades to Zig `v0.13.0`

As of yesterday, Zig v0.13.0 has been released, and so I went onto MufiZ, changed the minimum supported to 0.13.0 on build.zig, and update zig-clap to 0.8.1 from my fork on it, and while I did need to fix some of my C code (irrelevant to the actual Zig release), it just compiled!

While I do expect that there will be some unexpected behavior lurking out there that needs to be adjusted, which is why we are creating a test suite for this release, this has been the easiest migration so far.

This release also includes toolchain upgrades in the Zig compiler, such as going to LLVM 18, glibc 2.39, and musl 1.2.5. I am happy we can easily take advantage of this new compiler so soon. This is another reason to be excited about the upcoming Jade Release, which still needs a few months of baking.