MufiZ `v0.7.0` (Jade) Released!!!

This release has been in the works for months, and I am happy to be able to finalize it, which has brought many fixes towards builtins via our test suite, which we hope to expand further. We also add syntax for creating arrays and float vectors using [ ] and { } respectively, while being a lot less strict towards how you express numbers, although assert still strict. We also add ARM64-specific SIMD support to float vectors.

With this new release, we will soon update all package managers to express this change and update our website and VSCode extension with the latest built-ins.

Release Notes for Jade (0.7.0)

  • Started on April 24th 2024.

  • Released on July 6th 2024.

New Features

  • New Array and Float Vector semantics using [ ] and { } respectively.

  • Iterators for Array and Float Vectors.

Other Changes

  • Fixed Vec3 builtin functions that were broken in v0.6.07fbc1b6

  • Changed default hashing algorithm to cityhash64: 8734e1b

  • Added helpful boolean macros for object type checking in builtin functions (cstd): 55585a50

  • Updated MufiZ's interpret error to be treated as a Zig error when running a file: 4f7f9fd

  • Adjusted Table implementation to use lazy deletion instead of tombstoning: bddabfa

  • Updated Zig version to v0.13.0: 788fbf2

  • Updated to clap v0.9.1

  • Added Arm SIMD support using Neon intrinsics fa0b305

  • Added Test Suites that brought plenty of fixes to builtins

  • Switched stdlib_error to make use of runtimeError so that it can also provide line numbers to the user.

Added Builtin Functions

  • assert: Checks if the given condition is true; if not, it panics.

  • simd_stat: Checks if SIMD is supported on the current platform.

  • iter: Creates an iterator from an array or a float vector.

  • next: Advances the iterator and returns the next element.

  • has_next: Checks if the iterator has more elements.

  • reset: Resets the iterator to the beginning.

  • skip: Skips the next n elements.

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