New Apt/Yum Repos Using Package Cloud

For more streamlined management of Linux packages, I've opted to transition from hosting the apt repo on GitHub to the efficient Package Cloud for apt/yum package managers. This change promises to simplify our processes and enhance our productivity. Currently, we only support the following OS:


  • Fedora 38/39/40

  • OpenSuse 42.3


  • Ubuntu Jammy/Noble

  • Debian Bookworm/Trixie/Forky

Installation Instructions

For those wanting to install mufiz version v0.6.0, you can follow these instructions:

# For Ubuntu
$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ sudo apt-get install mufiz=0.6.0

For Debian Packages, we support the following architectures on here:

  • amd64

  • i386

  • arm64

  • mipsel

  • mips64el

  • mips

  • powerpc

# For Fedora
$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ sudo yum install mufiz-0.6.0-1.{arch}

For Fedora {arch} can be replaced with your respective supported architecture:

  • x86_64

  • i386

  • aarch64

  • ppc64

  • ppc64le

  • mipsel

  • mips64el

  • mips64

  • mips

  • riscv64

Archival Plan

Because I'd rather not pay for package_cloud, I will only be keeping the top 4 versions (beginning with v0.6.0) at a time on the platform, of course, all packages are available on Github releases; this helps me keep space for the next versions since each release contains 75 ARCHIVES TO KEEP!!!

For those wanting to see the little client I made to help me download and upload the deb/rpm packages can be found at, where the client is built in Dart, because I've started learning it.

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