New Initiatives around the MufiZ Language

As I've mentioned, we want to ensure that the MufiZ language is equipped to excel at mathematical computation as we build on it. Thus, we hope to be able to build on some of these technique branches, figure them out, find the results, and refine them, then port them back into the language or build them as packages that the language can import.

Our first initiative is creating a great Matrix implementation and algorithms following numeric stability and linear algebra. This work is being done in the MatrixAlgo repository with a collaborative effort between myself and my friend GriffinAshby01.

The second initiative will help the MufiZ project and can be used by anyone; once developed, this project will be named. Zigma, and its goal is to host many different numerical methods for approximating integrals, derivatives, etc.

To support us, consider contributing directly to these projects or sponsoring.