We are upgrading MufiZ Zig Version to v0.12.0-dev!

Since v0.12.0 will become stable soon, according to the GitHub milestone, I think it's worth it to begin migrating from v0.11.0 to v0.12.0. This version helps make things more concise, and with this, we did need to modify our build.zig quite a bit to accommodate the different type changes with functions and remove libmufiz_core since C headers were not found in the core module, so instead, we link directly to the executable and import core.zig.

We also have had to make some temporary changes to the networking feature we are making for v0.6.0, at the moment, the enable_net feature is only available for Unix systems and requires curl to be installed on the system. Once the native Zig network features are figured out, I will be able to open this up towards allowing for more than just a get request; however, at the time, there is still much mystery, and it might be brought back in v0.7.0 or so.

This version also enforces strict mutability, and what I mean by this is if you set a variable to be mutable but use it as just a constant, the program will not compile until you change it to const. This enforces greater security and allows the program to run without any useless mutable variables.